Our guest house is in the medium size city of Niigata on the west coast of Japan. Inside it looks like a library, but if you look closely behind the shelves there are beds almost like a secret base. It is a new style hostel for those who like books, where you can enjoy the sensation of sleeping surrounded by books after reading to your heart's content. In addition, it is a stone’s throw away from Niigata station and it can be used instead of a cafe. It is a perfect place for relaxation for book lovers


Beds & Facility

Beds The beds are behind the bookshelf almost seem like a secret base. Even if you do

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Access   5 minutes on foot from Niigata Station. It is the perfect location for

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Niigata City is prefectural capital of Niigata Prefecture which is located in the central region of Japan. It is the largest city on the Japan Sea side of Honshu (the main island of Japan) and plays a central role in the cultural arts, politics the economy of neighboring areas. It is two and a half hours by Shinkansen(super-express trains that run with an average speed of over 200 km/h) from Tokyo.

Niigata Prefecture
Yahiko shrine

Yahiko Shrine

A historic shrine overlooked by the beautiful Yahiko mountain, and men…

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Sake Brewery Tour

Niigata is one of the leading sake producing areas of Japan. There is…

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Sake Tour

Sake Tasting

As Niigata is one of the leading sake producing areas of Japan. We hav…

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Soccor Stadium“BIG SWAN”

Since the FIFA World Cup was held in Japan in 2002, soccer enthusiasm…

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Sado Sightseeing

Niigata City is also the perfect base for visiting Sado Island, the la…

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Piar Bandai

Piar Bandai is a tourist base facility that includes a fresh fish mark…

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